skin walker

When a man faces a skin walker at night

This is the story of when I face and fought well fought is strong word but shot a skin walker outside my house.

It started with when I won two million dollars on a Lotto ticket. I gave my parents $200,000 each and kept the rest for myself. I started to browse the internet for houses that matched my liking. I found one and moved in. Everything was perfect. Some time passed again. My parents just left after visiting once again. It was about 6 PM. I decided to head out for some dinner. I came home and started to get ready for bed. I laid in bed and fell asleep. I was awoken by what sounded like a scream outside my window. My eyes shot open. I watched the curtains move in the breeze as I listened to it echo in the night’s silence. It scared the crap out of me. My heart was in my throat. I started to calm down when I remembered that foxes made similar noises. F’ing fox, I Murmured to myself. I started to drift off when it happened again. This time it sounded closer than the other. I cried and got up out of bed. I was still a little on edge, but I pushed through the fear. I peered out the window towards the tall trees. I peered around but to no avail.

I looked at the hardwood floor for a second, then looked back up. Behind a tree around 100 feet away, I saw something move. I gasped and then closed the window. I ran back to bed and hid under the covers. The reason for my panic was a story my grandpa told me when I was 14. He told me about a creature called a skin walker. He described it as a large humanoid creature with dark skin and no hair. It can disguise itself as an animal or human and make sounds like a scream or mimic the voice of a loved one or friend to drag you in. The only way it could be stopped was to shoot it with a silver bullet. This idea was running through my mind. I stayed under the covers for about 10 minutes. There have been no screams since then. Over time, I started to calm down. I had to use the bathroom, so I got up and walked towards the door. I stopped moving for a second to itch my ankle when I heard a whimper outside. I froze. It sounded like a dog or some other small animal. In my mind, I thought, Stop being a wuss.

It’s probably just a dog or something. Skin walkers aren’t even real, you idiot. I snappeded out of my haze and continued to the bathroom. I finished in there and walked out. Before returning to bed, I peered towards my front door. Something was blocking the window. There is a porch light so I could tell something was there. I thought that maybe it was a desk I ordered that might have shown up sometime after I went to sleep. I watched the mass for about five seconds when my heart dropped. I watched as the mass slowly shrank below the window of the door. I started to hear the whimper again, this time muffled by the front door. I laid my back behind the wall by the stairs and pulled out my phone. I started to dial the number of one of my neighbors, Paul. I called Paul because he is a professional hunter. He has a lot of weapons, so he was the best choice. He didn’t pick up the first two calls, but picked up the third. In a groggie, annoyed voice he said, What? I need help. There, there is something at my door whimpering, I said, my voice trembling.

What? This time he sounded more interested. I’m not sure. I think of some animal, I said. Hold on. I heard the phone scuffle around a bit, then he spoke again. Looks like a small dog, he said. His bedroom window had a perfect view of my front door. Please don’t think I’m crazy, but I swear I saw it shrink. I said, feeling like an idiot. Dead silence. Hello? I asked. Did you say shrink? Yeah, why? He paused for a moment and started up again. Here’s what I want you to do. Stay where you are. Try not to make any noise. If anything changes, you need to tell me okay? I’m going to grab my rifle, he said confidently. Okay, I whispered. About two minutes passed. I could hear Paul moving and doing stuff in his house. Finally, he came back on. All right, I’m going to open the window, he said. I peered around the corner and looked out the transom window. I could see his window slide open. I heard him rack his rifle. All right, he said. I waited about three seconds until Paul spoke up again. Eye, I don’t see anything there? As he said this, I realized that the whimpering had ceased.

I can’t hear the whimper anymore, I said. That’s not good. Listen, I need you to make a decision. Either make a run for my house or I make a run to you. He exclaimed, Will you have the firearm so could you come here? I said. He sied all right. I’m coming, he hung up the phone. About eight seconds later, I heard his front door opening from my bedroom window. It took around a minute but finally, I heard a knock on the door. Relief washed over me. I started to walk down the stairs. About halfway down, Paul shouted out to me, It’s safe to come to the door. Quick. I sped up and started to unlock the door when I remembered what my grandpa said. It can make sounds like a scream or mimic the voice of a loved one or friend to drag you in. I stopped in my tracks and started to back up from the door. I headed back up the stairs and decided to peer out my bedroom window. There in the street was Paul, not moving. I turned white as a ghost. The person at the door wasn’t Paul. It was the creature.

I didn’t know what to do next, but I came up with a plan. I was going to distract the creature by throwing something behind my house. When I knew it was there, I was going to run out the front door into the street and grab Paul’s firearm. When the creature comes back around, I will end it. If Paul knew what it was, he must have had silver bullets loaded. I grabbed a vace from the hallway and headed toward the bathroom again. I slowly started to open the window. I made sure the Coast was clear and dropped the vace onto the ground. I heard the creature scurry away from the front deck. I quickly ran towards the front door. I unlocked it and swung it open. I made a break for Paul, who was now lifeless. I shouted at the creature, asking it to show itself. The road fell silent. After about 10 seconds, I saw it galloping out from the side of my house on all fours. I raised the firearm and unloaded it, closing my eyes. My eyes peeled open. The creature was in a fetal position on the ground, back onto me. This thing must have been 10 feet tall.

It was huge. I racked the firearm and started to approach. Slowly but surely I crept my way up towards it. I was about 6 feet away. I raised the firearm again. The thing jumped up and ran away into the woods, whimpering the whole way. Finally, this thing was over. I pulled out my phone and called 911. I explained what happened, not expecting them to believe me. At this point, a few neighbors down the road were woken up by the shots and came to see what happened. The police arrived in about 15 minutes. Soon after that black vans with tinted windows rolled up. Government, I knew right away why they were there. I was questioned all night. I wasn’t allowed to stay in my house for about a month. I didn’t want to stay either. The government offered to buy the house after I expressed my urge to leave.

This is a story of a man who shared his experience with a skin walker right out side his house and people were shocked.

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